.In the subconscious lab // Adriana Florea Baloiu

In the subconscious lab is the series of works by Adriana Florea Baloiu (artist and philologist) for her diploma thesis at the National University of Arts, Painting Department.
Adriana Florea Baloiu works reiterate the idea that art is not a harmonious whole but contains several contradictory and irreconcilable meanings that are subject to various interpretations which can not exceed a certain threshold in terms of their truth value, the viewer being ultimately the one deciding their meaning. In other words, no piece of artwork can convey information in an absolutely pure and objective manner.
Starting from the term “deconstruction” from Jacques Derrida introduced by translating the two words: destruction (Heidegger) and dissociation (Freud) the interpretation of the hostile gestualism encountered in Adriana’s work is not to unfold, to destroy but to analyze the sedimented structures that form the discursive element of the artist’s thinking.
The exhibition containing 17 works selected by Alina Bucur, curator at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, is the first event produced by GO Art Projects, an independent nomad space, that seeks to reintegrate spaces with a currently uncertain identity in the urban and artistic circuit . The exhibition will be open from November 28 to December 7, 2014 in the space which temporarily hosts GO Art Projects initiative – 98, Uranus Street in Bucharest.

Sponsors: Dienergy, Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu, Restaurant Gradinita, RO LAND, Iele Design.
Media Partners: the re: art, weart, feeder

98 Uranus Street, Bucharest
Friday, November 28
7:00 p.m.

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