Go Tell The Women // BARNA NEMETHI

Go Art Projects invites you to the opening of the solo show “Go Tell The Women” of the artist Barna Nemethi, curator Alina Bucur on Friday, April 24, 2015 , at 7 p.m., 98 Uranus St . The event is part of The White Night of the Galleries 2015.

Barna Nemethi is a successful Bucharest based fashion photographer, film director as well as a contemporary artist. He graduated from the National University of Theatre and Cinematographic Arts of Romania and holds a BA in Film Directing. His work have been shown in different festivals and competitions both locally and internationally such as TIFF, DaKINO, IEFF (Romania),  Cottbus International Film Festival (Germany), Early Bird Film Festival (Bulgaria), Indie Lisboa (Portugal), The New York Film Festival (USA).

His most recent project is a series of beautiful composed portraits of people Barna has worked with in the past. The exhibition “Go Tell the Women” is a examination of the idealised perceptions of beauty built around the notions of light and dark in which the artist explores the contrast of the two. The project seen by the artist as a “remix of old photographs” it began as an interest to capture the duality of our personalities.
The images of Barna are weaving ambiguously thus the lighting process of the portraits embodies the angelic and demure characteristics of the subjects while the darkening process gives a sensation of sadness or even perversity of their nature.

Alina Bucur

Partners/sponsors: deFilm, Curtea Veche Publishing, Eurocom, Triptic Studio.