First Step – Ion Anghel & his students

In the last one hundred years, young people in general and students in particular have been both feared and admired. They are celebrated for being creative and energetic, offering a symbol of hope and possibility but are also seen to represent society’s wider fears. The brain itself is larger than at any other time of our lives and undergoes radical restructuring, and in doing so enables us to develop new ways of thinking. It produces behavior which adults might find unreasonable; it has also, over thousands of years, been central to the evolution of the human race. Perhaps, then, the young share many of the conflicting qualities that we demand of our art: at once sensitive and extravagant, confident, and diffident, beautiful, unknowable, and just a little bit awkward. And that’s it.
The exhibition ‘First step’ encompasses the excitement, energy and never-ending creativity of the young, bringing together ten students in an examination of youth. They are all second year students of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, painting department, coordinated by Ion Anghel.

Alina Bucur

Go Art Projects ‘master-apprentice’ – series of events with professors and their students from local and international universities of arts exhibiting together.

Opening: Thursday, 9 April 2015, 19h00
9 – 22 April 2015
Artists: Ion Anghel / George Bîzgu / Mihaela Constantin
Marilena Zahiu / Andra Marișoiu / Andreea Brătucu
Eugenia Neagoe / Elena Pîrvu / Sandra Potamian
Radu Marius / Ioana Tănăsescu
Curator: Alina Bucur