Ritual // Otto Constantin

“I met Otto at an exhibition .. pure chance. He timidly approached me and asked if he could send his portfolio to my gallery address. Nothing in this young man in front of me revealed the strength and determination with which he paints, lust with which he researches for topics and the relaxation when he exhibits his works.

Although he is from Constanţa, he paints the winter habits from Maramureş, the traditions  of Moldova and pagan rituals still retained in some islands of rural tradition. Otto Constantin paints so that he remembers.. the strong strokes in his drawings, left with force on paper draw you into a mysterious world that can hide anything. Each drawing is a ritual in itself.

Otto C paints violently, succeeding to transpose in personal contours the emotional force of the transformation of the quotidian into the supernatural. Graphically assuming the role of a shaman, Otto Constantin exhibits himself in his paintings not only as an artist but also as an affiliate to an archetype that he insists to present unaltered to an attentive public. Through his labor, the artist Otto C manages to transmute into his paintings not only ritual trances but  the superhuman fate itself demonstrates you as possible despite the modesty of the young Otto C.

… is just beautiful. “

Mihai-Alexandru Pleşu

Otto Constantin spends his adolescence on the seafront under the roof of Queen Mary College of Art in Constanta. Once inside the National University of Arts in Bucharest (UNARTE), department of painting, under the guidance of Professor George Moscal, he exhibits abundantly in major events in Bucharest and is present in over ten group exhibitions. In 2012 he exhibits in Bulgaria at the international art festival Via Pontica, at the History Museum of Bucharest and at Gaudeamus book fair.


GO Art Projects invites you to the opening of the exhibition „RITUAL”, solo show of the artist Otto Constantin on Thursday, March 5, 2015, 19:00, 98 Uranus St., Bucharest. Curator Mihai-Alexandru Pleşu.