Alexandru Radvan recommends..”NO MAKEUP”

No makeup wants to be an exhibition that is clear, direct and that self-assumes both its achievements and its shadowy parts. It is a pilot exhibition showing the work so far of several students, prospective artists starting out on their careers. It is also an exhibition that offers no guarantees as this is impossible in a profession like ours: the path of any of the exhibitors can stop now, over a year or never, the work of each can turn into a landmark for future generations or may remain at the level of personal experience and pleasure. No one can know that now.

No makeup is an attitude, a way of working. Quite often, exhibitions of students or young artists have one goal, to look good, to rock, to be cool. Sometimes the makeup layer prevents you from observing the personalities behind. Other times it is very tempting for the one coordinating the students (say, the professor) to apply a makeup foundation that would make things more honorable. In this instance, I am the coach and I keep myself  as far away as I can from the makeup kit. Despite this is a group exhibition, everyone has to get used to the idea that in this field we are individuals, that we must stand alone on our feet, that we have to constantly gain respect for our views and we can only do that by working.  And when you are alone in the studio, why would you need make up?

Alexandru Radvan

GO Art Projects invites you to the opening of the group exhibition Alexandru Radvan recommends..”NO MAKEUP”, Painting and Object, on Thursday, February 19, 7 pm, 98 Uranus St., Bucharest.