Squanderers // Mirela Iordache

“The grey city made up of streets that have no skyline and that lack perspective is the result of our abandonment. Streets are no longer what they are meant to be, they become virtual objects. We live embedded in this world of objects, gloomy and desolate, as an effect of our indifference that breeds squandering, without being able to notice the destruction.

This is why any representation of this world must alter the rigour of the photorealistic language with the intruding force of gestural abstractionism. As humans we have an irrepressible urge to destroy the rigour of the human made Form by adding layer after layer of rigour-free and anonymous graffiti-like human interventions. Squanderers as we came to be, we pay – supreme irony, our tribute to Entropy, whose irreversible march to chaos we are so desperate to bring to a halt.” (Mirela Iordache)

Mirela Iordache (b.1978) lives and works in Bucharest. She is a graduate of the Orthodox Theology College of Bucharest, Visual Arts / Cultural Patrimony – Restoration Department and of master’s studies program of the Department of Painting from the National University of Arts (UNARTE) in Bucharest. Mirela was a nominee of STRABAG Artaward International in 2013.

Curator: Alina Bucur

Go Art Projects is pleased to announce our exhibition with artist Mirela Iordache with an opening Thursday January 22nd from 7-10 pm.