April 19
April 9
March 21
March 5

“I met Otto at an exhibition .. pure chance. He timidly approached me and asked if he could send his portfolio to my gallery address. Nothing in this young man in front of me revealed the strength and determination with which he paints, lust with which he researches for topics and the relaxation when he exhibits his works.

Although he is from Constanţa, he paints the winter habits from Maramureş, the traditions  of Moldova and pagan rituals still retained in some islands of rural tradition. Read MoreRitual // Otto Constantin

February 19

No makeup wants to be an exhibition that is clear, direct and that self-assumes both its achievements and its shadowy parts. It is a pilot exhibition showing the work so far of several students, prospective artists starting out on their careers. It is also an exhibition that offers no guarantees as this is impossible in a profession like ours: the path of any of the exhibitors can stop now, over a year or never, the work of each can turn into a landmark for future generations or may remain at the level of personal experience and pleasure. No one can know that now. Read MoreAlexandru Radvan recommends..”NO MAKEUP”

February 2

For Leonard Zarnescu, the psyche is always related to art. One can easily observe the two tendencies expressed in his artistic practice. The first is negative and related to the critical philosophy and interpretation applied to his work and the second is positive reflecting the distinction of his mind and knowledge. Although he is extremely pragmatic and always finds himself on the intellectual territory when looking at the world he would sometimes fall into a sort of mental captivation and give life to the most absurd and macabre characters and ideas. Read More“Vladimir” // Leonard Zarnescu

January 22

“The grey city made up of streets that have no skyline and that lack perspective is the result of our abandonment. Streets are no longer what they are meant to be, they become virtual objects. We live embedded in this world of objects, gloomy and desolate, as an effect of our indifference that breeds squandering, without being able to notice the destruction. Read MoreSquanderers // Mirela Iordache

December 10

On December 10 at GO Art Projects, Bojin exhibits the Ghosts in force, almost frantically, on generous canvases, strong enough to face the gloomy approach of the artist; caught between his works, the viewer has access to the most hidden nooks of a shady mind that seems to emerge from Munch’s universe. Read MoreGhosts // Dragos Bojin

November 28